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Season 7

October 25th - 27th


November 1st - 3rd


Location: The John DeSotelle Theatre

754 9th Avenue

New York, NY 10019

About us

The New Short Play Festival is a committed group of new and seasoned actors, writers, directors, and revolutionaries dedicated to presenting the unique and powerful talents of our members through showcase performances.
"I've met the most important people in my life with NSPF. My life has changed for the better! And through all of this I have made major strides in my career. I started freelancing with a major commercial agency AND signed with a legit agent through the people I've met at this company!"
---Sarah Robertson
"NSPF is such an inspiring and supportive environment that challenges and brings out the best in everyone."
---Tara Haight
"NSPF filled my need for a supportive artistic community, in which there are no boundaries on creative freedom. It’s like a big family: we nudge each other forward to create beautiful, meaningful work."
---Giovanni Pucci
"The new short play festival has been the highlight of my year... I have forged long lasting friendships and creative partnerships because of my involvement in it and above all, have had an intoxicatingly fun time!"
---Chandler Clemens
"I was so nervous to get back into the entertainment industry but then I cam across this Theatre Company where I was welcomed with open arms and supported in my endeavors as an actress in New York City. It’s such great fun and what a wonderful theater family we have. Such an awesome joy to be able to practice our craft on a regular basis."
---Giselle Samson
“I ventured into playwriting and I’ve found a whole new talent I didn’t know I had. And after the showcases, I’ve had 2 agents calling to represent me!
---Carolina Solano
The Painting

by Nicole Gut. Christine Raine, Donna Stearns