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THE NEW SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL is the brainchild of Paul Michael.  At its onset, the vision was to produce new work for actors and playwrights in the 10-minute format for the purpose of showcasing their talents. The NSPF Workshop continues to give actors opportunities to perform on stage in New York and hone their skills and abilities in a professional AEA showcase production using developed material created especially for them.


Our mission is to create a company where love and respect are the keystones. These qualities have comprised the cornerstone on which all has been created over the past seven seasons.  Our belief is that when we come from a place of love and respect for each other and the work, we elevate ourselves and create work at our highest potential.  It is our greatest hope that more pieces will be created in upcoming seasons that will touch audiences, and perhaps move on to become full length plays and films and inspire the work on a larger scale. 


For our playwrights, the festival has given them the chance to explore and hone their skills in this deceptively difficult genre – The 10-minute play.  These are not skits or sketches.  They are meant to be fully realized works that make our audiences laugh, cry, and hopefully think.