Past seasons


Oct. 25th-27th & Nov.1st-3rd 2019 - John DeSotelle Studio, New York

Southern Hospitality and The Big Day by Susan Jane McDonald

Train Trouble by Belinda Walker

172 Push-ups by Scott Mullen

Scripted by Mark Harvey Levine

Seahorse Dadz and Same by Logann Grayce

For My Daughter by Diane Harrington

The Pearly Gates by Michael Susko

Pussy Whipped and Alexa by Sarah Myers

It's Not The Same Thing? by C.M. Tierney

Damien by Chandler Clemens

Final Rest by Victoria Z. Daly

season SIX winners

Mar. 19th to 24th, 2019 - American Theatre of Actors, New York

Best Play: The Ladies by Susan Jane McDonald

Best Dramatic Actor: Andrew Mauney (The Match)

Best Dramatic Actress: Carolina Solano (The Match)

Best Comedic Actor: Jeff Prewitt (Super Baby)

Best Comedic Actress: Carol Ann Iandemarco (The Ladies)

Best Director: David Bellantoni

season five winners

Oct. 9th to 14th, 2018 - American Theatre of Actors, New York

Best Play: Coping In America by Chandler Clemens

Best Actor: Andrew Mauney (Something in the Water)

Best Actress: Sarah Robertson (Blood Oath)

Best Supporting Actor: Zach Abraham (Nice Try)

Best Supporting Actress: Marianne Goodell (Coping in America) and Jessica Albano (Something in the Water)

Best Director: Chandler Clemens

season four winners

May. 1st to 6th, 2018 - American Theatre of Actors, New York

Best Play: Talk Qwerty To Me by Carolina Solano

Best Actor: Craig Woodward (Talk Qwerty To Me)

Best Actress: Carolina Solano (Talk Qwerty To Me)

Best Supporting Actor: Armando Newbold (The Last)

Best Supporting Actress: Susan Jane McDonald (Animal)

Best Director: George Goodell, Anthony Mario Bruno and Kathleen Kellaigh

season Three winners

Sep. 26th to Oct. 1st, 2017 - The Barrow Group, New York

Best Play: The Beauty of You by Sarah Robertson

Best Actor: Danny O'Shea (Family Day)

Best Actress: Sarah Robertson (The Beauty of You)

Best Supporting Actor: Armando Newbold (Dragons)

Best Supporting Actress: Marianne Goodell (Family Day)

Best Director: Kathleen Kellaigh

season Two winners

Apr. 19th to 23rd, 2017 - The Barrow Group, New York

Best Play: Pillow by Frederick Stroppel and It's In The Cards by Kathleen Kellaigh

Best Actor: Chris Robertson (Hellgate)

Best Actress: Susan Jane McDonald (Pillow)

Best Supporting Actor: Jimmy Robertson (And Bobby Makes Three)

Best Supporting Actress: Julie Berndt (Touch Me With Your Naked Hand)

Best Director: Kathleen Kellaigh

season one 

Oct. 19th to 23rd, 2016 - The Producer's Club, New York

There was no award ceremony in Season 1.

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